CNC Honing is the final stage to take place on the internal diameters of machined components and involves the very fine finishing of surfaces.

We specialise in Match Grinding, a number of our Customers require bores with very fine surface finishes. In Honing together with Solid Lapping we can achieve Surface Finishes down to 0.5 Micoinch (0.013 Micron). This is extremely important for the Valves Match Ground in the Hydraulics Aerospace Industry.

Williams Engineering has many years experience in honing to very small tolerances, our highly skilled workforce and up to date machinery enables us to carry out high quality work quickly and efficiently.

If you have a particular project in mind then why not call us on 023 8022 0897.

All company owned equipment is calibrated externally, traceable to UKAS Standards, to meet AS 9100 requirements.