In addition to our core capabilities we have recently added Flat & Cylindrical Lapping to our services in order to meet customer demands Items up to 6.00″ Dia. can be lapped obtaining tolerances of 1 Light Band Flatness with a surface finish of 1 Micro-inch CLA. Cylindrical Lapping of Bores Range from .046″ (1.168mm) to 0.500″ (12.70mm) Dia. obtaining surface finishes of 4 Micro-inch CLA.

We now have 4 axis Milling capabilities and have recently added a 5 axis Turning/Milling centre to offer greater flexibility for our customers.

All company owned equipment, calibrated externally by NAMAS approved laboratory supported by NAMAS certificates, to meet BS EN IS 9002 requirements.

CNC Turning
Williams Engineering has many years experience in CNC Machining, Turning and Milling our 5 Axis CNC machining centre turn/mill enables us to manufacture items with turned diameters, flats and cross-holes in one operation……Read More.

CNC Milling
Latest Dugard CNC machining centres X Axis 660mm, Y Axis 520mm, Z Axis 510mm. Twin arm 24 station ATC carousel type. Standard spindle speed 8000rpm…..Read More.

Gear Cutting
With over 40 years experience in Gear Cutting Williams Engineering are able to manufacture and supply many types of gears…..Read More.

With many years years experience Williams Engineering are able to offer a number of differing types of grinding to suit your particular project…..Read More.

As we specialise in Match Grinding as some of our customers require bores with very fine surface finishes. In Honing together with Solid Lapping we can achieve surface finishes down to 0.5 Micoinch (0.013 Micron)……Read More.

Involute Splines
All manufactured to BS 3550, MDS 1022 & MDS 1057, NFE 22-41, ANSI B92.1-1970 Internal & External for all mentioned, Chain sprockets, timing belt pulleys…..Read More.

Straight Sided Serrations
With over 40 years experience in manufacturing Williams Engineering are able to manufacture straight sided serrations or involute internal and external splines and gears to BS 2059 & MDS 1020…..Read More.