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In the latter part of 1960 the company successfully moved to larger premises nearer the city centre and in 1988 a management buyout saw Mr. J.K.Ball, Mr. B. J. Clark & Mr. D. Fripp take control.

Over the years we have continually invested in CNC Milling & Turning centres and are always striving to improve our services offered.

We have recently added Flat & Cylindrical Lapping to our capabilities in order to meet customer demands Items up to 6.00″ Dia. can be lapped obtaining tolerances of 1 Light Band Flatness with a surface finish of 1 Micro-inch CLA. Cylindrical Lapping of Bores Range from .046″ (1.168mm) to 0.500″ (12.70mm) Dia. obtaining surface finishes of 1 Micro-inch CLA. We now have 4 axis Milling capabilities and have recently added a 5 axis Turning/Milling centre to offer greater capacity for our customers.